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Hoover Eco Pets Turbo Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

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Hoover Eco Pets Turbo Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Perfect for Pets

  • TurbobrushDeep-Cleaning Turbobrush
  • BaglessHuge Bagless Capacity
  • HEPAWashable HEPA Filters

product Features


    • Turbobrush

      Deep-Cleaning Turbobrush

      The Hoover Eco Pets Turbo includes an air-driven Turbobrush floor tool, which is designed to lift your carpet fibres and clean more thoroughly than a standard vacuum floor tool. This tool is great for removing pet hair from the carpets in your home, and helps to keep your carpets visibly refreshed and clean!

    • Bagless

      Huge Bagless Capacity

      With a large 1.75-litre bagless canister, the Eco Pets is able to hold a significant amount of dust and dirt before it needs emptying. This means less trips to the bin, so you can be finished vacuuming sooner rather than later.

    • washable

      Washable HEPA Filtration

      To ensure a hygienic home for your family (including your furry friends), this bagless vacuum includes HEPA filtration which can be washed clean, meaning lower running costs over the lifetime of the vacuum.

    • Eco friendly

      Energy Efficient Motor

      Modern Hoover technology allows the Eco Pets motor to deliver strong suction while reducing the amount of power consumed during cleaning, to help reduce running costs even further.

    • accessories

      Full Hoover Accessory Set

      To effectively clean every surface in your home, the Hoover Eco Pets Turbo includes a Turbobrush floor tool, a standard Hoover combination floor tool, dusting brush, crevice tool and upholstery brush.

    • one touch

      One Touch Empty System

      For quick and easy dirt disposal, the Eco Pets has a one-touch empty system so you can empty the contents of the bagless canister straight into the bin.

    • pet owners

      Ideal for Pet Owners

      This model has been designed by pet owners, for pet owners. Pet hair problems will be a thing of the past, and moulting season will not seem so annoying when you have an Eco Pets in your home!

    • 2 year warranty

      1-Year Warranty

      The Hoover Eco Pets Turbo Bagless Vacuum comes complete with a 1-Year Hoover Warranty.

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