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Hoover Dual Power Pro Carpet Shampooer

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Hoover Dual Power Pro Carpet Extractor

Ultimate Deep Cleaning Machine

    • DualTCHDualTECH Cleaning Technology
    • inbuilt heaterInbuilt Water Heater
    • toolkitComplete Hooverâ„¢ ToolKit

product Features


    • dualTECH

      DualTECH Cleaning Technology

      The Hoover Dual Power Pro comes equipped with the DualTECH cleaning system, which combines a rotating Powerbrush with Spinscrub cleaning brushes to provide a high-quality carpet clean. These two elements work in conjunction with each other to carefully clean all of your carpet fibres and provide a professional result in your home.

    • inbuilt heater

      Inbuilt Heater System

      This model of carpet extractor includes an inbuilt water heater, which keeps the clean water at the optimum temperature for cleaning. This makes it significantly easier to remove stains from carpets and upholstered surfaces.  

    • toolkit

      Complete Hoover™ ToolKit

      The Dual Power Pro comes complete with everything you need for an exceptional clean. You will receive a pre-treater wand to help loosen stains before deep-cleaning begins, a Spinscrub™ Spot Cleaner to remove stains quickly, an upholstery tool for cleaning furniture and a Hoover-branded accessory bag to store everything in. 

    • dry air system

      Hot Air Carpet Drying Function

      To speed up the drying process, the Dual Power Pro has a built-in hot air system that releases hot air onto your carpets as you complete the cleaning process. 

    • upholstery

      Upholstery Cleaning Tools

      This model features the detachable Upholstery Cleaning tool and hose, which is ideal for cleaning upholstered furniture, stairs, and other upholstered surfaces within your home!

    • rinse

      Rinse Functionality

      The Dual Power Pro is the only extractor in the series to feature Wash & Rinse functionality. When activated, the Rinse function allows you to give your carpets a thorough rinse following cleaning so that you can ensure all cleaning residue has been removed from your carpet fibres.

    • dual tank

      Dual Tank Technology

      This model of extractor features Dual Tanks, one for clean water and one for dirty water. The tanks are easy to fill and empty, and allow you to always be cleaning your floors with perfectly clean water.

    • 2 year warranty

      2-Year Warranty

      The Hoover Dual Power Pro Carpet Extractor comes with a 2-Year Hoover Warranty.

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